Blue Ridge’s Purrfect Pets

Honey, hive you heard the buzz? Hurry and her pet bees would like to announce that the Blue Ridge Rollergirls have a bout on August 8! It sure would sting to bumble around and miss the fun.hurrybees
Wait, did you know that this is the last Blue Ridge bout of the season? Elrod says, “You’ve goat to be kidding me! Don’t bleat me to the punch. We must all take life by the horns and go to this baaaaaout!”
Hold up—you’ve never been to a bout before? Don’t worry—rufferees and non-skating pupfficials like Mitzi will be present to make certain everyone understands the rules and stays safe!
I know, I know. You’re thinking, “You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow. I don’t have time fur roller derby!” But this is the last one of the season! Don’t let other temptations give you paws about showing up!

Er, okay, that was a little weird. Well, anyway, Dr. Pumpkin Fabrizio implores you to treat yo’self this weekend: skip the meowvies, come to the bout, and bring your girlfriend! Whisker away to see the Blue Ridge blockers knock down some frisky jammers.

Whatever you do, make sure you’re not late! The first bout starts at 5 p.m, and the second bout begins at 7 p.m. Don’t worry—you’ll only have to shell out $13 to see both bouts. Bring your friends so they don’t get snappy with you, and take lots of pictures so you’ll have turtle recall of all the hard hits.

Wait, did we forget to mention that it is $2 beer night? Just don’t end up like Duffles, who might be feline a bit drunk after those nine Meowler Lites.

Still not convinced? Elsa and Waggle would like to remind you that it is going to be raining cats and dogs this weekend. Therefore, there will be too many poodles to enjoy any outdoor activities!

You will have so much fun watching derby at the Cellular Center that you must stop by the merch booth on your way out for some cool BRRG swag. Take it from Stoney—scarves are pawsome and will give you a new leash on life! Don’t worry—the scarves aren’t made with fleace.

Bonus: this final bout of an exciting season takes place on Caturday, and you’ve got tabby honest with us…is there anything else better than roller derby on Caturday? Of course not! That’s why we will see you litter!

This blog is dedicated to Turtle Arthur, the Blue Ridge Roller Bull, who came to many a practice and was loved by his Blue Ridge family very much.
Turtle Arthur, 2007-2014
BUT WAIT, THERE’S MOAR! Because we love our pets so much, the past-and-present Blue Ridge Rollergirls want to take a moment to show off our beautiful furbabies!

Clemdog Millionaire and her silly mama, Karisene!

Shortie recently celebrated a decade with her hoomin, Pink E. Racer!

Buffy says to TDub, “Maaaahhhhm! I ruff you!”

Hank is so proud of his mom, Skate Spade. He doesn’t like to leave her side!

Loki and Lil Bit like to get their hair did together.

Not everyone on the team is a cat person. Shadow of Beth stays comfy with her precious pups, Cashew and Rigby!

T. Killa rides out the storm with her pup, Mac!

Jelly Sue and his proud Mama Pint went pretty much viral when he was adopted from the Asheville Humane Society!

There’s always more of Mitzi! Here she is with her mamas and her cat sister, Callie.

Caslamity Jane gets some sleepy snuggles from her adorable pup, Abel!

Hey, it’s Butch Slap and Perry! Hi there!

L-O-L-A, Lola! And C-H-O-P, Chop-Her!

According to her mom and our fearless leader, Dizzy, Buttons hates having her picture made…but she sure is a cute doggy!

Stoney took off his cool scarf for a moment to pose with mom, Slick, and brother, Marty!

Melvin-Tor cut one of his trips to the recycling center short to take this gnarly pic with his mom, Skelley-Tor!

Sometimes Milla-Tor gets scared of thunder and needs calmed down by her Auntie Rider.

Sith and her new kitty, Cas!

In case we don’t verbal-ize it enough, we love our announcer, Voodoo, and his pup, Verbal!

Little Lego peeks out from the cat-sle that her mommee, Ninja Monkey got for her.

Some pups are fancier than others! Here is prize-winner Oz and his mom, Heat Seeker.

Okay, byyyeeeeee! See you August 8th!