Dixie Kicks

Number: 1080
Putting the “hospital” back in Southern hospitality!

Growing up riding horses, Dixie Kicks (aka ‘Kicks) is a true southern belle. She likes cats, unicorns, mountains, good food (except onions), bright colors and drinks shared with great company. An Asheville native that moved away and then returned in 2013 Kicks is a loving mom to her 2 cats, and while she isn’t laying people out on the track or training with Carlos at Anytime Fitness she enjoys gardening and cooking.

She was introduced to derby through the movie “Whip It”. When the movie came out she joked about derby names with friends, but it didn’t stop there. After Googling about roller derby in her area she was possessed by the derby demon and showed up, tried out, and the rest is history.

Some may say everything you ever need to know you learn in kindergarden, Kicks would claim everything you ever need to know you learn from playing derby.

Kicks came to Blue Ridge from the Boston Derby Dames – and we are so very lucky to have her.

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