PocaHotMess aka Messy

PocaHotMess aka Messy

Number: 13

An Asheville native, Messy is a fierce giant who joined the BRRG Skater Tots program in 2014. Proving herself to be a fast learner and exceptional athlete, she quickly joined the ranks of the French Broads in 2015. Always a team player, she strapped on her skates the same season and went head to head with top WFTDA teams when the Allstar roster dwindled in numbers due to injuries.

Off the track Messy is as gung-ho as she is on the track. A metal worker and modern blacksmith at Iron Maiden, her days are spent molding metal into brilliant designs. Always in motion she may be found riding her motorcycle on death defying roads outside Asheville, working out at Anytime fitness, or destroying the competition on a pool table at her favorite dive bar. Brute strength allows her friends to climb her like a jungle gym and her humor and good nature appeal to the masses. Messy’s limited downtime is spent with her shepherd mix Whiskey and feline friends Squirrel and Taco.

We are uncertain if it is her background in competitive swimming, field hockey, border cross snowboarding and rugby that we have to thank for her amazing skills on the track… or just her self motivation to be good at everything she touches… but we at BRRG are grateful for her unparalleled entrance into our derby community.

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