New Skaters

Have you been thinking about playing roller derby but have had hesitations? Well there is no time like the present to become a part of an incredible and empowering female sport. The Blue Ridge Rollergirls are always seeking new skaters. We have an open enrollment throughout our season.


Do you have what it takes to be a Blue Ridge Rollergirl and play a full contact sport?
• Dedication
• Commitment
• Time
• Drive
• Competitiveness
Is there an age requirement?
• Yes, you must be 18 or over to be a member

•  If you are interested our local junior league for girls 11-17 visit the Mad Divas webpage.

What gear do I need to bring?
• Helmet
• Mouthguard
• Knee pads
• Elbow pads
• Wristguards
• Quad Skates
• Workout attire (comfy, free moving clothes)
• Water bottle
What is my initial cost?
• Besides purchasing your gear, which can run between $200-$1000, you will be required to pay monthly dues and obtain WFTDA insurance. Dues are $20 per month and WFTDA insurance is $70 for the year. Either is subject to change.
Where and when is practice held?
• We hold practices at Sk8t Depot located at 1705 Spartanburg Hwy, Hendersonville, NC 28792
• Practice times are Monday & Wednesday 7-9 & Saturday 10-12.
• Practices are not open to the public, you must contact a member of recruitment if you want to attend.
• You must observe before you can gear up.
• Contact [email protected]
What type of time commitment should I expect?
• 6-7 hours of practice a week
• Community/public outings/fundraisers
• 15 hours a quarter of league work
• Travel on some weekends
• Cross-training outside of practice
How long is the initial training process?
• Depending on your basic skating skills, our program is geared towards you. We hope to provide you the ability to pass the WFTDA minimum skills test in a timely manner.
• You must also pass the WTFDA rules test.

For more information contact Blue Ridge Rollergirls recruitment.

Transfer Skaters

BRRG welcomes transfer skaters. All transfer skaters must approach the head of the Training Committee to join the league.
You may contact them at [email protected]

The Training Committee reserves the right to contact any prior leagues of the transferring skater. If the transferring skater has had disciplinary problems or any other problems of concern, the training committee with notify the Board of Directors. It will be decided by the Board of Directors if the skater shall be allowed to join the league. The Board of Directors reserves the right to place any transferring skater on probation if deemed appropriate. Transferring skaters must provide proof of insurance and sign a BRRG waiver prior to skating with the league.


What if I want to observe your league prior to joining?
• Transfer skaters may attend 3 practices prior to committing to the league.
• After a transfer skater attends the third practice, dues must be paid.
Do I need a letter of recommendation?
• Please provide a letter of reference from your prior league to the head
of training. Letters should come from a coach and must list your most recent attendance.
What are the requirements of a transfer skater?
• Skaters must be currently bout eligible and have completed the WFTDA minimum skills assessment with their prior league.
• If the skater has not skated with any league for a period of time longer than two months and less than one year, the skater must reassess.
When do I start paying dues?
• Full dues must be paid after the third practice.

Questions? Want to learn more? Send us a note!

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