Sponsorship Opportunities

As the fastest growing sport in the world, roller derby has captivated the attention of fans in Asheville and across the world. Since 2006, BRRG has provided sponsors with valuable partnerships to access captive and passionate roller derby audiences. Be a part of the action.

BRRG is a 100% volunteer managed non-profit with a mission to “actively create, promote, and sustain an environment that fosters strength, courage, vitality, and the empowerment of women in the sport of roller derby. As a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, BRRG won 1st place in WFTDA’s Division 2 Championships in 2016, and is currently ranked number 42 out of the 318 WFTDA member leagues worldwide. In addition to being a part of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce and the Asheville Downtown Association, BRRG donates 10% of their proceeds from every bout to a local charity. Proceeds from Sponsorship and Advertising are used to pay for bout production costs, league travel expenses and practice space rental fees.

Roller Derby Audience Demographics
24 years old and under: 11%
25 to 34 year old: 42%
35 to 54 year old: 41%
55 and older: 6%
Nearly a third (31%) of fans have a household income of at least $75,000 per year.
 99% of all fans know the businesses that support their local derby league.
Female 61% / Male 39% 63% College Graduates

Blue Ridge Rollergirls Reach
9,000+ website views per month
6,500+ Facebook Fans
2,700+ Twitter Followers
Attendance of up to 3,500 fans per bout

[email protected]
Blue Ridge Rollergirls
P.O. Box 6768
Asheville NC 28816

Payment Types

• Jam line sponsor for 1 of 4 home games
• First whistle sponsor for 1 of 4 home games
• 1/2 Page color program ad
• Scoreboard ad
• Web Ad for 2016
• Vendor booth with priority placement
• Inclusion of any items provided for swag bags
• 5+ Shout outs at each home game
• 4 Separate ads on the BRRG Email newsletter
• Banner at home games
• 10 Season passes
* Includes 20% discount on A La Carte items added on to package purchase *

• 1/4 page program ad
• Web Ad for 2016
• Banner at home games
• Vendor booth at all home games
• 3+ Shout outs at each home game
• 2 Season Passes
*Includes 10% discount on A La Carte items added on to package purchase *

• 1/8 page program ad
• Web Ad for 2016
• Banner at home games
• Shout out at each home game
• 1 Season Pass
*Includes 5% discount on A La Carte items added on to package purchase *

Program Ads:
• 1/2 Page – $100
• 1/4 Page- $50
• 1/8 Page- $30

Web Ad for 2017: $450

Promotional or Give Away Items Sponsor: Prices Vary

Season Photo Booth Sponsor: $500

Jam Line Sponsor: $100

Scoreboard Ad: $50

Penalty Box Sponsor: $100

Social Media Shout-outs: $45
(shout outs happen the week prior to home game on Facebook & Twitter)

Banner at home games: $35

Pivot Line Sponsor: $10

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