Zebra Crew

Roller Derby Referees are essential not only for games, but for practices as well. They enforce game safety by knowing the rules of the WFTDA and determining penalties. Referees skate on the inside and outside of the track. They wear the same safety equipment that skaters do, with the exception of swapping a whistle for the mouthguard.

Contact [email protected].

Non-Skating Officials:

NSO’s, or Non-Skating Officials, track data and run the game. NSO’s run the jam clock, record the points scored, track and time penalties, list the skaters for each jam – as well as a few other game day responsibilities. If you want to be a part of derby, but strapping on skates isn’t for you – become an NSO! You won’t regret it. Contact [email protected].

Bout Day Volunteers

We need volunteers to help out on game day! Volunteers work in our merchandise booth, usher, run the info and raffle table as well as fill water coolers and perform on the spot track repair. Work one shift (about half of one game) and get free admission for the entire evening! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Pink E Racer at [email protected].

Questions? Want to learn more? Send us a note!

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