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Want to join one of the fastest growing sports in America?




Email the recruitment committee for 2013 recruitment information 


Please see the “Skater Information” section below for additional information and answers to some frequently asked questions.



Are there any other requirements for being a Blue Ridge Rollergirl? 

Roller Derby is a big commitment. The Blue Ridge Rollergirls practice three times a week.  In order to be rostered and eligible to skate in bouts, skaters must make 51% of practices.  In addition to our practice schedule, skaters are also required to be a part of running the league.  Our league survives on the time contributed by skaters and volunteers.  We have many things to do and will help you find a committee and a job that is right for you. 


BRRG requires that all skaters come with a great attitude!


OK, I’m ready to be a Blue Ridge Rollergirl! What next?!


Learn about Roller Derby! 

A great start to your roller derby career will be to learn everything you possibly can about roller derby!  Here are a few resources that will help you learn everything you need to know about the sport.


Attend a Blue Ridge Rollergirls Bout!

Come see us in action!  Whether you have never been to a Roller Derby bout before, or if you are a diehard fan, the more roller derby you watch, the more prepared you will be!  You can find a full season schedule on the “Schedule” tab above.


You will need gear!

You will need to start thinking about purchasing skates and gear so you can start practicing! Flipside Boardshop on Lexington Avenue in Asheville, North Carolina carries a full line of Derby skates for all skill levels.  Flipside’s owner, Krista will help you get outfitted with everything you will need!  We will have some loaner gear at tryouts and boot camps, but supply is limited.  You will absolutely need to bring your own mouth guard.  A mouth guard can be purchased at any sporting goods store and molded to fit your mouth.


Equipment you will need:

Quad Skates

Knee Pads

Elbow Pads

Wrist Guards

Mouth guard (required)



Start Practicing!

Becoming a Blue Ridge Rollergirl takes a lot of practice! The more time that you can spend on skates, the better.  Aspiring skaters are encouraged to work on basic derby skills including one foot glides, balance on skates, crossovers, squats, plow stops and T-stops.  Endurance will also be included in tryouts. You will be required to skate 27 laps in less than 5 minutes.  Hitting and contact with other skaters is strongly discouraged and prohibited at all BRRG sponsored functions, for your safety, until you attend try outs and are deemed safe by the BRRG training committee

If you are interested in getting skate time and coaching prior to tryouts we strongly encourage you to participate in our derby babies program.

Derby babies are dues paying skaters with access to rink space during regularly scheduled brrg practice three days/week.  

Baby dues are $20/month.  You will be invited to participate in league warm ups, you’ll be provided written practice plans and access to closed brrg practice and scrimmage.  This is a great way to get skate time and begin getting involved with the league.  Babies practices are generally self lead but we do our best to facilitate coaching and feedback as often as possible while league practice is in progress.  Derby babies have a tremendous advantage when tryouts come around, often beginning training months in advance, knowing exactly what will be expected and how to perform each skill correctly and effectively.  If you are interested in playing roller derby, don’t wait to lace up! Contact recruitment and schedule a time to visit, observe your first practice off skates and get details on how to get rolling!!


Get connected!

Those aspiring to be Blue Ridge Rollergirls keep in touch using the “Derby Babies” Facebook page.  Becoming a part of this group will help you prepare and find other girls to practice with. 


You will also want to join the Blue Ridge Rollergirls Facebook page to receive updates about Bootcamps and other league and recruitment events.


Transfer Skaters

The Blue Ridge Rollergirls accepts transfer skaters at any time during the year.  Transfer skaters will need to have made attendance with their previous league during the last attendance period, have passed WFTDA minimum skills assessments within the past year and be bout eligible.  Transfer skaters who wish to transfer to BRRG will be asked to provide a letter of reference from their leagues Training Committee, Coach or President. 


Please contact the Recruitment Committee for additional information.  Also, please fill out the form attached below and bring it with you to your first practice. 


Become a Referee!

Can’t wait until try outs to be a part of the Blue Ridge Rollergirls?  BRRG accepts and trains referees all year long! Becoming a BRRG referee will give you extra time and practice on skates and will also be a great step to learning about the sport of roller derby.


The Blue Ridge Rollergirls accepts new and transfer referees all season long!  Reffing is a great way to get involved with the league whether you are a seasoned skater or referee, haven’t been on skates in years or are just looking for some extra exercise, we will gladly teach you everything you need to know!


Please contact the recruitment committee for more information on becoming a referee.



Being a referee isn’t for you?  Become a part of the league by volunteering!


The Blue Ridge Rollergirls are supported by a group of volunteers that are nothing less than amazing! We need more than skaters to survive.  We promise you will have a heck of a good time and make some good friends, too.


If you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact the recruitment committee.





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