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Blue Ridge Rollergirls :: Support Staff

Blue Ridge Roller Derby Inc

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Support the Blue Ridge Rollergirls


NSO’s, Volunteer’s, Coaches, and Referees

We greatly appreciate these folks, for the time they donate to our league they make it possible for us to skate! Thank You!

I Lie Kit Ruff

BRRG Referee/NSO/Photographer and seamstress!

Derby Name- Mean Latifah


How long have you been skating? Ive skated all my life but I’ve been training to be a ref for about 5 months.

How did you get involved in derby? Coma N. Ducer recruited me!!

Favorite skaters- Coma and Skelly

Special Thanks to all our Photographers:

Bill Rhodes

Michael Traister

Michael Tracey

Alan Hantz

And Mr. ChopHer for his help at every bout, he is the Blue Ridge handyman and jack of all trade. Thank You for all you do!


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